Last Yarn Along of 2016

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. This Holiday was really special for us, since it was the first Christmas with the baby. In Hungary we celebrate Christmas Eve with a big family feast and opening gifts under the tree. We always visit my parents and in-laws at the evening, so we did this year too. In next days we have visited our church, relatives and had friends in our home, there are busy days behind us. 

I currently read cook books. I live gluten-free from more than two years now, since I have been diagnosed with gluten-sensitive enteropathy. Altough, with the strict diet I keep it controlled, I realized that I ate too much meat and too much processed food since the baby arrived. I used to be health-conscious and I would like to turn back to that lifestyle and bring more creativity into cooking again. Now, I am really into Ella Woodwards' food philosophy and her simple recipes. 
Currently there isn't any particular project on my needles, just started to make baby booties for my daughter using the leftover purple yarn from the Idun baby dress. This time I don't follow any pattern.

I have already finished the lace yoke short-sleeved cardigan long before Christmas, but it seems to be too big for Palma, so I am not  motivated enough to do the finishing touches. Anyway, I am going to sew on the buttons and block it soon. I have another finished object to write about, but then I'll share my toughts on this cardi too.  

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Baby Vest with Lace Yoke

I really enjoy baby knitting: there are endless cuteness and they could be completed just in no time. And the most important: I am making stuffs for my baby. 
So, I jumped into a new vest recently. I have mixed feelings about this project. You know, I am always excited about new projects, but this time I just can't wait to finish it.
Well, about the pattern I chosed. I made a huge modification on the main pattern: instead of garter stitch I knit the body in stockinette. Garter is quite bulky-looking for me and it doesn't go nicely with the lace pattern featured in this design. Otherwise, the instructions are not clear here and there, so I don't recommend it for beginners or for someone who is not familiar with short rows and lace. The istructions for short rows aren't described well in the receipt. In the way they show it, there will be holes between the sticthes. So I used the good old wrap-and-turn method.

Also my yarn joice happens to be a mistake. I use Drops Safran which is a 100% cotton yarn, they say that it is ideal for baby garments, but for me knitting is too slippery, so my knit looks uneven, though I knit on 2.5 mm needles. I hope the stitches will stretch out nicely. 
I don't want to post something that negative, so I need to say the pros as well. I LOVE that the vest is knitted in one-piece and I don't have to return to finish here and there. Once I cast off, it is finished. The color of my yarn is just so lovely and so is all the bright color chart of Safran. I am sure that I will use it later too, but maybe more for crochet.


Idun for Baby {Finished!}

I find dressing my baby enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. It is not the easiest task especially in cold weather. She is spending her days playing on the play mat, so lately, knitted vests and dresses are the most practical garmets in my daighter's wardrobe. 
I have completed the Idun dress I showed you a few weeks before. I really loved working on this project and also love the result. It keeps warm Palma and I receive lot of compliments. I used Drops Baby Merino yarn, which is easy to knit with and ideal for baby garmets. This yarn is sold also on a reasonable price, so I will be less sad when she grows out the dress, The contrasting yarn is a one-stranded, hand spunned and hand dyed leftover I used for a previous project. 
The pattern is well-written, the isntructions are easy to follow. I followed the smallest size, it turned out a 74/80 (6-12 mo) sized dress. I haven't been with the i-cord cast-on and cast-off, so I started the dress with a provisional cast-on and let the neckline opened to decide the edging later. Anyway, after completing the arms with the i-cord cast-off convinced me that the method actually works, so I returned to the neck and casted off that way. 
You might remember this vest I have made for her while expecting. It still fits! I was afraid that she would grow out before the colder weather. I think this dress is also big enough and she can wear it through months.

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Chevron Baby Blanket {Finished!}

I am a little bit behind with my finished works. Firstly, I would like to show you my Chevron Baby Blanket. This is the second blanket I made for Palma.
I have completed the blanket a few weeks before, it have been on my needles just for a couple weeks: started in September, finished in October.  I haven't followed any pattern or color scheme and altered the strands randomly. There are exactly 48 rows from each color, so despite the randomness, the result is balanced.
I used Drops Cotton Light yarn in colorways 01, 05, 18 and 28. It is great yarn for baby projects, since it has Oeko-Tex certificate, quite easy to work with, doesn't require special care and it is on a great price. 
 Palma really loves the garter stitch, she plays with her fingers pushing between the stitches.

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Progress on Baby Idun

As my baby girl grows, we have baby toys everywhere: in the living room, in the kitchen, in my husband's home office room, in the car, in our bed, on the countertop, in my purse.. When she gets busy with her toy, I can do the household chores and sometime even knit a few rows.
Currently I exclusively work on the Idun baby dress as for knitting. After finishing the stranded yoke, I returned to complete the sleeves and the neckline. So, now I don't have spare needles on my work. Sounds like a little victory for me.
I really like the i-cord cast-off, I have never tried this method before and I was concerned it wouldn't work, the hems would curl back. But it works perfectly! Plus those pretty i-cord hems doesn't break the simplicity of the stockinette, which I love! This time I will weave the ends immediately after the break, during knitting, because I don't want it to rest for days (weeks) waiting for the finishing touches. 
I worked a few rounds on the crochet basket too, but I am not too motivated on that project. 

Well, as always, I have plans. My baby needs a fancy hat/beanie/bonnet for her Christening, but haven't found the perfect one so far. So now I am asking for help. I am interested in both knitting, crochet and sewing. Please let me know if you saw a fancy pattern somewhere.

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