On 13th April baby Palma has arrived. She is the most beautiful girl we have ever met and immediately stole our heart. We both are in a good health. The postpartum weeks were harder than I expected both emotionally and physically. But thanks to my general good condition despite the complications recovery after delivery was relatively easy. Our life has undergone many changes during the past weeks. We enjoy these changes and our baby is a truly angel. She has already set up a scheduled routine for herself which we easily adopted, so now we can sleep, do the basic houseworks and cook something fresh and quick every day. I could be watching her all day, she is a miracle!  

Hanni (@hannicraft) által közzétett fénykép,


First knits for the Baby and another project

Although I had had plans with my blog, I unwillingly took a longer break. I spent the second trimester of my pregnancy with lot of work. From March 1st I quit from work, because I would like to focus on my family and stay at home for a while.
Now I have 7 weeks until the baby arrives. My due date is April 11th! It is so close! Since I was busy with my work, the things around the baby are still unprepared. Even the nursing room is still unfinished, it needs a total renovation. It is so exciting!
I have already started to knit for the baby. This small pullover is the first thing I finished for my baby girl:

The original pattern is Apples! from Yarn-Madness incorporates with Ekornsokkene. The pullover needs two buttons to fasten and blocking. A small garmet like this one is a really quick knit and the most enjoyable one I was working on!
Technically this is not the first thing I made for the baby, formerly I knit, crocheted and sewed a few baby toys just for the love of creating. And now these toys will decorate my daughter's room.
Now I am working on a blanket for the baby. I knit mostly in the car. In 2013 I have already started to knit a similar blankie, but I unravelled that project. Anyway, it is an enjoyable pattern.

There are a few other smaller things in which I am working. This small secessionist tray is one of my favourite flea market find, but needs fixing. Isn't it beautiful?


I hope that I can complete a few things before the baby arrives and since from now I spend my days at home, I also hope that I will have time to visit my favourite blogs and read what has happened to you this winter. 


First Christmas projects

Hence the unusual warm November weather, last weekend I felt in a real Christmas mood. Some simple Christmas decoration has already been set up a week before, but until Christmas I am going to upgrade it with new pieces. Firstly into a large silver vase I would like to take natural branches decorated with hanging ornaments. The wase is 80 cm high (approx. 36 inches), to keep it simple this requires big ornaments and really long branches.


The Pretty Weaves Headband [free pattern]

We have a really mild late fall weather here, so in this season I haven't wore my hats yet. An earwarmer is just enough to cover.  
This time I share one of my earliest knitting pattern with you: the headband I wear on my profile picture. The Pretty Weaves Headband was formerly available on Ravelry but due to VAT changes in the EU I hid it. 
The construction is quite simple: the pattern uses just knits and purls and basic increasing and decreasing stitches (ssk, k2tog, YO). It fastens with a button. Approx. 70 yards of worsted weight yarn is enough to complete one, or use two colors to get an interesting piece.


Early November Yarn Along

 My purple pullover is growing nicely. I started this project in September and planning to finish it before Christmas. It is a great bedside project but also a little bit boring, since there are so many rounds to knit before hit a turning point. I have just finished the decreasing section. 

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